Wednesday, July 30, 2008

love is no light

love is no light
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Miranda, That Ghost Just Isn't Holy Anymore: B. Pour Another Icepick // The Mars Volta

I think I’ve become one of the others.

There was a frail syrup dripping off his lap danced lapel.
Punctuated by her becrepit prowl she, washed down the hatching gizzard.
Soft as a mane of needles, his orifice icicles hemorrhaged by combing her torso to a pile.
Perspired, the trophy shelves made room for his collapse, she was a mink handjob in sarcophagus heels.

Bring me to my knees, tead the sharpened lines.
All my arms, bled me blind.
Faucet leaks in shadows,spilling from, morgue lancet caressed your fontanelle.
I’ve sworn to kill, every last one, every last one.
Panic in the shakes of the wounded, Panic in the worms.
Onto the floor And out of your mouth and Out of your eyelids.

No there’s no light, in the darkest of your furthest reaches.
No there’s no light, in the darkest of your furthest reaches.

All your dreams, splintered off.
Leech by leech, on this catafalque.
Anyone will tell you, yes anyone.
Chance had me setting the trip wire alarm.
Your mother flirted, with disease, when she skinned that costume by it’s navel strings.
Panic in the shakes of the wounded, panic in the worms, onto the floor, and out of your mouth out of your eyelids.

No there’s no light, in the darkest of your furthest reaches

Shock lest shackles free you, Volt face cons.
Abandon you again, I won’t feel, not this time.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

drawing attempt


silo and the poisson's ghost

Friday, July 18, 2008

daisy on the chain

all colour



i can't decide which i prefer - floral genitalia or pieces of bodies.  
beauty in the cameraeye of the beholder.

there is blood seeping from my nasal passages.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


peigion steq

no sleep


does this bother you?


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

kia ora!

of clouds and nights and loss

after 2 and half weeks acceptance is settled comfortably in her niche. i miss the familiar smells. summer is like that - missing former places and times without fully appreciating the new ones. it's an unfortunate inevitability, as time is rolling on to bigger and better events and relationships.
missing people, meeting people, only to miss them again. this is what living in the real world is like. my years of solitude [either real or imagined] is over for the time being. attention devoted to others and art because LAUGHTER and an obliviously unserious outlook is key in defeating my self loathing.  i have not laughed so much as i have these past many days and nights.  there is drama coming in, but i'm not giving it the energy it needs to continue, so it sits there, dead in my inbox.
semi transient lifestyle yields mixed results. productivity is up tenfold.   trading my talents for goods.  holga is in the post.  summer drawing class is finally put to good use.  i have photographed everything but am waiting to put together my portfolio before i unveil anything too uninteresting.

don't tell anybody this but yesterday i went to the mountain in the afternoon and mingled with some somewhat undesirable people. i stretched my hustling muscles on the hustlers - props to ilhu, you!  also to the lies i told - never reveal your weaknesses to dealers.  if you're really a country girl, say you're from the city.  if you know french, say you don't.  if you'll never come back, say you will.  i understood every word they said, and could run faster than all of them [in flip flops, mind you]
karma will knock soon enough
'it's time for your weekly beating'
just tell them i'm not here.
raapeti can run faster than her actions.

now for something completely different.

of clouds and bugs

heat ray

life and love are fibre-licious.  
life and love are curious

redpath squid

redpath skeleton

The Other Her