Tuesday, September 16, 2008

stick together with the tape, the tape of love [sticky stuff]


this is a primarily structures oriented idea for print&dye ii.
this half's theme is DISPLAY. i am using the physical tape and their exteriors in 2 different [currently undecided] contexts.
knitting with tape is a crinkly and surprisingly painful experience. so are disassembling the tapes [speed just does not want to come undone. i mean i LOVE keanu reeves [heather utah, anyone?] but my lord he is just awful].

the goods ::
vhs - the free box at pote-tr
cassettes - pokorski / wilansky res. - st laurent sidewalk - creepy antique store on st laurent that RULES
beta - creepy antique store again [they sell nazi memorabilia too!]
8 tracks - monastiraki

accepts donations.

also! on the topic of nazis, they have been on my mind the past little while, especially after seeing this ::


i am dig dig digging the UNPOP unmovement [along with anything taboo]
yes, i do recognise that associating myself with certain unpleasantries could harm my unreputation but i uncare.
i happen to think that the swastika is really down on its luck in a visual sense, with its dynamic lines - essentially it is a block / square with 4 slivers cut cut cut out. matched with soft pastels and a hot hot hot girl [if she is the girl i think she is, she got kicked off suicidegirls.com for submitting a set [that was indeed approved by the mods [way to go, guys]] that carried similar 'racist' undertones.

i do realise i am digging myself in some sort of unarty hole here, does my whiteness in conjunction with a swastika mean i'm antisemitic? can i pull my queer card out to free me?

[ilhu does not condone the genocide of 9 - 10 - 11 mill. semites, gypsies, POWs, communists, homosexuals, and disabled peoples]


i updated control's text version today. i did the math, i add up to 8000 days, even. no joke.
is there a coincidence i am not getting?
september o8's fibre is magnetic tape. august 08 was white and blue acrylique / cotton, july 08 was a light kelly green cotton [both summer months' scheme was handpicked by retema], june 08 was a cmy mix.

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