Friday, March 6, 2009


here are some things to tame the masses.

wearing a dress, recycled from a baby blanket.
this was what i did to help recover from my illness on spring break.

the dress

detail 'my stinging words'
on rereading many journal entries from ~2004, i have realized just how at fault i was to the situation. i won't take responsibility for this person's actions, and i have yet to find the initiative to apologize for giving reason to perpetuate ridiculous behavior, or to even make them think that it is ok.
the day will come when you, too, will die. i long for the day to see your face in the newspaper, the only problem is they will be called a 'hero' by many. and i will be called a liar. we'll see.


published, here

'nomade's land'. pretty stoked.
i'm a half decent writer, i suppose. you know, having been a liberal artist for several years.

and, a peek into the future.


i am sick of this class. all classes.
4 weeks.
then summer school.

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