Tuesday, February 24, 2009

intervene / add to at will


Monday, February 23, 2009

combined youth

i've been drawing silly things while watching silly movies

sunny bunny

lookin pretty bunny

i am really enjoying the combined youth concept, of collaborating with my former selves to attempt the things i wish i was capable of doing then, and dispersing them to people i may never know,,,,,,,,,,,,

my bunnies look like strange hands,

i am waiting out february in my old old room north of the city. it has been 2 full days sans nosebleed and really, that has come to be something worth celebrating.

another thing worth celebrating :: voluntary and involuntary socialization!
i may have my gripes with vernissages but z is worth it. also, this saturday night / sunday morning is montreal's nuit blanche! this is my third year attending as a viewer, and despite the everything, i am still looking forward.

a wise chauncey once said ::
'i don't know what you've been huffing but there ain't no such thing as god'
so, don't do drugs?

spring spring spring. i think this is the first year yet where i am DYING for the season change. i have done little to no winter appreciation this year. i want yellow and green and blue. sunshine and that waxen smell. fewer layers and neater shoes. less frozen dogg poo in the alleys we rule. i also intend to establish a mini gallery at the end of the alley - i suppose i could do this now but snow proves a formidable enemy at the moment and will swallow the world if i am not careful because clearly i am in control of everything that happens in this city.

i have just to the right of me is a copy of francis picabia's 'i am a beautiful monster'. i owe most of my artistic uncareer to dada - guillaume appollinaire, tristan tzara, man ray, marcel duchamp, all have continually inspired me to keep thinking and keep making in revolt against the undergrad blues. everyday i am faced with the decision to throw in the embroidery hoop for a 'simpler' life and these men [funny, no women...] and their brilliant acheivements revive my interest in the FUCK YOU to our institutions. i always think to my selves 'well of course they can get away with doing crazy shit this was the early 20th century, times were different then' and catch my unknown logical and try to turn it into 'this is the early 21st century - just think of all the crazy shit i can get away with'. sure things are different, but i am not far off enough. time to get out, way out. state a few more interventions, blame it on the ilhu.

was an ill hu earlier this week. body shocks rock photobooth for multiple bloody noses.
too bad the university has a policy against using bodily fluids in art projects. nerdlingers.

the bloodening

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

cold walks

buck busk and adidas

o vertigo

where are your mittens, kittens?
i moved to this city for an education and all i got was this vertigo.

Friday, February 13, 2009

jigsaw sketchbooks / rudebooks

amongst the large things i do
the overambitious and slightly useless
stays small.
rudebook snappings
they are like the commercials between pieces
begging for time for twin bees

jigsaw notebook vi - getting out of the house

jigsaw notebook iv - hand vs state

jigsaw notebook ii - lipsynch for your life

jigsaw notebook i

while watching rupaul's drag race. and once again, jellyfish on buses save the day.

do you have a sketchbook to share?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

ripping the fabric of time

how do you
represent infinity in a finite space?
get really sick and make a quilt out of it.

maybe we'll see

good day

i'm really quite terrible at sewing. [and printing, and knitting, and drawing, and everything.]
i never pin, i never measure.
everything is all wonk. just me & my rudeboi scout.
we never get things right.

only take these personality tests with a grain of salt and
'the white poem of self hate stays with you'.
i am excellent at being mediocre.

what i'm trying to say is
and that was all there ws to stay.

update ::
an exercise in extraversion.
conversation w/ stranger + delivery of badge to rightful owner.
i walked back down to the melting, waxy streets and sang david bowie all the way to the hutch. i really enjoyed making badges. i will do more but with negatives, signature.

fun facts ::
the iapetus was an ancient ocean between the laurentia and baltic continents in the neoproterozoic and paleozoic eras. there lived trilobites, hydra, and turritopsis nutricula. thanks to transdifferentiation and some other really neat stuff, the hyrda and turritopsis nutricula are technically biologically immortal!

artist[s] unknown ::

en vie

thank you.

i am currently reading george eliot's 'middlemarch'. it is insanely long, i cannot imagine what it must have been like, writing it all out like that. but still, i find her psychological insights almost shocking. i read a lot on the metro, and sometimes i just hit a phrase in between all this dialogue that almost knocks me over. what are you reading? do you like it? any recommendations, should i ever get through all 8zillion amazing pages of this?

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

ilhu scout impromptu intervention

re: title
7 february 2009
lab synthese

i've been working on my first badge, to be completed saturday night.
in similar vein to js' pandapple badge, only a little less called for.
i made this for last year's xiu xiu show, for js' call for pandapple paraphernalia. i couldn't find any, so i made a badge.


little did i know at the time that it was going to be terribly helpful for a future self.
here is the blindoldfreak one.


it's on the wonky side, and pretty small, you can tell by the weave of the aida. backstitch onto grey felt for colour power.

the artervention. an experiment in extraversion.
or, me just being really annoying

heather as mel.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

cuts of nostalgia

one day this happened

hard to hold

change of plans.

too much 90s nostalgia? i feel as though my current life has resumed to it's routine of 5th grade freedom.
it is a return to the similar circadian rhythm i have left behind.
i remember the faling apart. it is a return to discipline and apple cores.
a return of 99 cent brocoli at the PA.
a return to the foxes and rabbits in our very back yard.
it is the inside jokes of building forts to keep away all the falling apart.
i have reached my 5th year of vegetarianism, my 11th year of seperatedness, an anniversary marked by the split of those someone very close to me.
baking cupcakes to soothe is the demeter inside.

i remember you and me used to spend the whole goddamn day in bed.

it is not falling apart, it is drying herbs in your kitchen and talking to the first years about hair.

it is love, but the endless distance is the beginning of difference.
i understand.

The Other Her