Monday, April 28, 2008



I have always believed that being an artist means living on the edge of madness - and it has never been so true as it was this week -
I finally decided to finish this painting after it was hanging around my house for almost a year. The opportunity arose after the desire for the monster to live - to think of death for so long to want to follow through on those thoughts. Suicide seems normal to me - a much more comforting relief from life than disease or happenstance. I would still much rather be my own killer than succumb to cancer or homicide or the grill of some asshole's truck. I do realise that I have a lot more to do in this world - so I'll be alive for the next little while. Now before anyone freaks out on me and thinks I'm a horrible monster - I assure you I am. And I'm getting the so - called * help * I need. Even though I don't really think I need help - that must mean there's something wrong with me.
The Quetzalcoatl character is no accident - I'm looking forward to 2012. Of course there are too many humans on this planet, and even though I am trying to send out as many good vibes as possible [I also started volunteering this week] I know I am inevitably contributing to the poisoning of the earth.
Is it any coincidence Xiu Xiu's 'Mike' just started playing? No. Maybe. Yes.
I'm going to go to bed and read Lawrence E Joseph's 'Apocalypse 2012'. And tomorrow I will wake up and go to work and pretend to be a productive member of a terrible society.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Let Freedom Ring


I am not too impressed with these violent works of art going on - that is abortion art
and the mighty dog mockery
it still happens though - which makes it an interesting topic to want to document - to remember that it is real. It's just too bad it requires destruction - making it [in my eyes] unethical to do that to your body. I know it's just flesh but it happens to hold the pieces of your mind self together. There should then be care for the body - nor can it live without the mind.
And why would you hypothetically instill that onto another [lesser, in a loose sense] creature. We as artists should not perpetuate the destruction by the human race. I should want to rise above the horror!

also i have a small shop here

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hollow Invasion

1 cephalopod creature
1 dreamcatcher of a hula hoop or hula hoop of a dreamcatcher
a couple dozen jellyfish things

rise!  rise!

rise! rise!

Hollow Invasion more or less deals with that phase of nightmares I had a couple of weeks ago, which prompted the quitting of certain bad habits.

the text reads as such [in glow in the dark acrylique paint]

Hollow Invasion
you better not believe a word this girl says she's a fucking MONSTER a child of the DEEP throating her way to false love having never really liked the people she's loved and would rather do it with a COMPLETE and total STRANGER than to ever have to look him in the eyes again and get another migraine, that ROTTING, CARVING, EVIL 'I' both embrace and abhor always fighting and flying - like a bee she'll die once she's stung someone like a shark she'll die once she stops moving and despite her non-violent front she wants to kick some SERIOUS ASS

the funny thing about this is that after the critique i went home and slept 13 hours of dreamless sleep.

Friday, April 4, 2008


por::ffav act III!!!
crit day - satisfied as usual
getting some awesome pimpage here and here
i would love to expand it as well - summer [by summer i mean the end of the semester] is fast approaching and would love love to keep on the assembly. what i really should be doing is take advantage of the studio space in order to print more more more so that i keep posting throughout summer [the real summer]

do you believe

control is now in a glass case on the 9th floor of concordia university's EV building [you know the really fancy one with the giant flower on the side]


april means more clouds. and apparently snow as well.


i would like to know when the philosophy part steps in - soon soon. there are some *things* which need to be ironed out first [mainly my own concept of personal identity and agency] which for now will be replaced with a million carpets.


my self image needs some work, but this is it for now. i'm not into telling people what to feel; you know who you are. please take responsibility for your own actions. please take responsibility for your own emotions. don't start or perpetuate drama. drink lots of water and wash your fase. that is all.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Catching UP

Here are some past fibre works!

control - 2008

knitting a row for every day i'm alive [changing colour every month]



the rabbits - 2008

2 magical rabbits go on a journey in northern quebec to find their roots.


on the suburban

OBM panel - group project to bring comfort to the mission! - 2007

world view of the arctic ocean etc


embroidery - 2007

experimenting with film negatives

over under pass



self portrait / transformation - 2007
this print is a mess but so am i
black saturn / white e.coli / blue and yellow foxes & rabbits

potrait tilt

block printed 3m of green cotton transformed into dichotomized cloud pillows [atom / nebula - nimbus / water drop not shown]

electron cloud

electron cloud


be my nebula

is that it?? ibasketry samples are due tomorrow and i haven't really been keeping up - i've been far too focused on por::ffav and on twining a million little jellyfish. yesterday i got called out as a hipster - the truth really does hurt, i will try to be as nonchalant as possible from now on [she says as she eats her sushi] dammit. maybe i'll just go grab a spot of tea [dammit] ok maybe have a [vanilla] cigarillo? [dammit] nope. once hipped cannot be unhipped.

am i the only one who likes to pretend to be other people for a day? it's a lot like going on mini - adventures in your own life.

tomorrow is the big day. wish me luck!!!

The Other Her