Thursday, April 2, 2009

i can tell that we are going to be friends

wherein our hero reveals her own personal secrets to happiness.

i have been told i am an unusually happy person
so what? it seems that misery is the accepted norm, a default obsession.
it has gone beyond habit straight past ritual and fetish into a full fledged emotional addiction.
this is going to sound crazy but,
sitting at home alone thinking about how lonely you are is not going to help you be less lonely.

am i special? NO.
i am the most mediocre, most boring, unimportant person i know and I AM TOTALLY OK WITH BEING UNIMPRESSIVE
being constantly judged, ignored, and ridiculed has made me oh so oblivious to everyone's negative attitudes, so much so that i save my cares for those i deem worthy enough to share owesome finds with
LIKE YOU!!!!!!
and despite being rejected on multiple occasions to art shows, having really bad hair, being sick for 5+ months, being terribly unmotivated and hating student art, the smallest things instil and crystallize happiness inside me for lingering.

+ find 1 activity that makes you happy and do it at often as possible. own it, expand it, and SHARE it

+ friends. really. even if you only have 1 person you know that you see on occasion, expand on that relationship with them. or make friends. 'oh i have no friends'. not cool, yo. if i can have friends, and charles manson can have friends, SO CAN YOU. already have one / some? LOVE THEM. the #1 thing that irks me most is when i hear / read about people who hate on their best friends, or fight with them. my very best one moved away and i would do *anything* to have them again. appreciate them, their time, and their loving energy, if only because i can't.

+ adventure. 'every day, do one thing that scares you'. roadtrip. get inspired, socially, personally, idealogically. strive to be the best human you can be.

+ normal things that everyone knows. eating lots of fruits and vegetables. not whining. not doing drugs or drinking alcohol, not being a douchebag, not killing animals. laughing at people slipping on ice patches, laughing at your selves when you stub your toes. really, i feel stupid writing this. use your brains. read books, watch less tv, play less video games, drink more water. misery is choice, as is happiness, you are responsible for your own lives.

:: small things that make days, that turn days into nights into loves ::

omg leg

DUDE IT'S A LEG was someone really going to throw this out??


cigarette price board, with complete sets of numbers and mounting devices, yah!


reading. always a wise decision. pick your topic. boyd rice? prime example of a man LIVING HIS LIFE. learn from this, please?
do not be afraid of yourselves.

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