Tuesday, February 10, 2009

ripping the fabric of time

how do you
represent infinity in a finite space?
get really sick and make a quilt out of it.

maybe we'll see

good day

i'm really quite terrible at sewing. [and printing, and knitting, and drawing, and everything.]
i never pin, i never measure.
everything is all wonk. just me & my rudeboi scout.
we never get things right.

only take these personality tests with a grain of salt and
'the white poem of self hate stays with you'.
i am excellent at being mediocre.

what i'm trying to say is
and that was all there ws to stay.

update ::
an exercise in extraversion.
conversation w/ stranger + delivery of badge to rightful owner.
i walked back down to the melting, waxy streets and sang david bowie all the way to the hutch. i really enjoyed making badges. i will do more but with negatives, signature.

fun facts ::
the iapetus was an ancient ocean between the laurentia and baltic continents in the neoproterozoic and paleozoic eras. there lived trilobites, hydra, and turritopsis nutricula. thanks to transdifferentiation and some other really neat stuff, the hyrda and turritopsis nutricula are technically biologically immortal!

artist[s] unknown ::

en vie

thank you.

i am currently reading george eliot's 'middlemarch'. it is insanely long, i cannot imagine what it must have been like, writing it all out like that. but still, i find her psychological insights almost shocking. i read a lot on the metro, and sometimes i just hit a phrase in between all this dialogue that almost knocks me over. what are you reading? do you like it? any recommendations, should i ever get through all 8zillion amazing pages of this?

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Ismael Cabezas said...

Ilhu, thank you so much for being a follover of my blog. I have written a post about you and your work, in my blog "Seconal", and I have uploaded one of your pics. I hope some people in Spain would like your works.

Love, Ismael.

P.S: Have you a facebook profile?, in that case add me to your friends, my name in facebook is "Ismael Cabezas". Thank you.

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