Sunday, August 17, 2008

surface underneath

i'm not much of a painter, i have no formal training in it whatsoever.  i refer it mainly as paintslinging,  it's an instantaneous access to colour that covers a lot of space.  these are each sketchbook drawings cut and collaged onto 5x7 dollarama canvas [3 for $1, oh yea!] 
paintslinglings always take me a while to complete because i like the mostly opaque layering effect that acrylique paint gives me and i never plan what i make, so i do something ie this and put it down for a while till i figure out what to do next.  

i would like more animalia on coccyx

coccyx and

another collaged image on vert


this one is my fave - i would like something fibrous added to this guy.


i am inspired by reqian textures.    and bones.  you're the [default] inspiration.

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