Wednesday, August 13, 2008

first attempts [you make everyday feel like kindergarten]

weird day,,,,,,,,,,,,continued
the feeling of uncomfort runs hot down my spine, like anger, only i well boiling tears of frustration and interior sadness.  time grates on me.  i knit instead.  this is only the beginning of my own pull.

here are some of my holga prints [looking hazy because i photographed the prints instead of scanning them] [because i haven't a scanner]]

too close



mont royal

homemade field

bog people

cut at what was one once
were we there?  change in tangible photographs,,,,,,,i am so used to seeing my photos as dots of colour on a screen and now they are dots of colour on a paper in my hand on my wall.  i see the past differently, it feels much furthur away.  not 2008 anymore again.  1548.  1978, love was there.  carve away at the earth and reluctantly finish your [my] tasks.  life is futile, life is trying to stay business enough to distract you from the past and the things you [i] love most.  occupy yourselves [myselves] 
my selves, my elves.

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