Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Catching UP

Here are some past fibre works!

control - 2008

knitting a row for every day i'm alive [changing colour every month]



the rabbits - 2008

2 magical rabbits go on a journey in northern quebec to find their roots.


on the suburban

OBM panel - group project to bring comfort to the mission! - 2007

world view of the arctic ocean etc


embroidery - 2007

experimenting with film negatives

over under pass



self portrait / transformation - 2007
this print is a mess but so am i
black saturn / white e.coli / blue and yellow foxes & rabbits

potrait tilt

block printed 3m of green cotton transformed into dichotomized cloud pillows [atom / nebula - nimbus / water drop not shown]

electron cloud

electron cloud


be my nebula

is that it?? ibasketry samples are due tomorrow and i haven't really been keeping up - i've been far too focused on por::ffav and on twining a million little jellyfish. yesterday i got called out as a hipster - the truth really does hurt, i will try to be as nonchalant as possible from now on [she says as she eats her sushi] dammit. maybe i'll just go grab a spot of tea [dammit] ok maybe have a [vanilla] cigarillo? [dammit] nope. once hipped cannot be unhipped.

am i the only one who likes to pretend to be other people for a day? it's a lot like going on mini - adventures in your own life.

tomorrow is the big day. wish me luck!!!

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