Friday, April 4, 2008


por::ffav act III!!!
crit day - satisfied as usual
getting some awesome pimpage here and here
i would love to expand it as well - summer [by summer i mean the end of the semester] is fast approaching and would love love to keep on the assembly. what i really should be doing is take advantage of the studio space in order to print more more more so that i keep posting throughout summer [the real summer]

do you believe

control is now in a glass case on the 9th floor of concordia university's EV building [you know the really fancy one with the giant flower on the side]


april means more clouds. and apparently snow as well.


i would like to know when the philosophy part steps in - soon soon. there are some *things* which need to be ironed out first [mainly my own concept of personal identity and agency] which for now will be replaced with a million carpets.


my self image needs some work, but this is it for now. i'm not into telling people what to feel; you know who you are. please take responsibility for your own actions. please take responsibility for your own emotions. don't start or perpetuate drama. drink lots of water and wash your fase. that is all.

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Cool Blog! I will set up a link.

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